Rotary Cutter Supply Is Now Rancher Supply



Rotary Cutter Supply and Rancher Supply are pleased to announce a merger that will create a stronger, more comprehensive agricultural supply company, poised to serve the evolving needs of farmers, ranchers, and landowners across the nation. The two companies are now one: Rancher Supply (


The merger, effective 1/17/2023, will combine the industry expertise and resources of Rotary Cutter Supply and Rancher Supply to enhance our ability to provide high-quality products and unmatched customer service.


Key Benefits of the Merger:


  • Expanded Product Offerings: Customers will have access to an even broader range of agricultural supplies all under one roof.


  • Enhanced Customer Support: Our commitment to exceptional customer service remains unwavering. The merger will allow us to provide even more personalized assistance and support.


  • Competitive Pricing: By optimizing our operations and economies of scale, we will continue to offer competitive pricing on all our products.


Our leadership team is excited about the opportunities this merger presents and are committed to a seamless transition for our valued customers, suppliers, and employees. Starting today, Rotary Cutter Supply will operate as Rancher Supply.


Customers can expect the same reliable service and product quality they have come to know and trust from both Rotary Cutter Supply and Rancher Supply. Over time, we will explore opportunities to enhance the customer experience through the merger.


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