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  • Kobun Knife

    Kobun Knife

    The Cold Steel Kobun is a lightweight knife that takes its name from the Japanese underworld, where the word "Kobun" is sometimes used as an indicator of rank that suggests the word "soldier"in, or one who takes orders from his...

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  • Kukri Machete

    Kukri Machete

    There are very few knives in the world that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. Its true that some of the best Kukris (like our Gurkha model) can be somewhat expensive, and while that thoroughbred performs extraordinarily well,...

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    Karambit Trainer

    Karambit Trainer

    The Karambit Trainer, from Cold Steel knives, is a training version of the Cold Steel Karambit knife that has been fashioned to look as realistic as possible: for effective use in practice, training drills, disarming drills, and demonstrations. The...

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  • Gladius Machete

    Gladius Machete

    The Cold Steel Gladius Machete remains one of the most popular models in our hybrid sword / machete series. Its made from spring tempered 1055 Carbon steel and hand sharpened at our facility in Ventura, California. The Gladius Machete features the...

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  • Bushman Knife

    Bushman Knife

    For the money, the Bushman series of survival knives are hard to beat! Unlike the majority of hollow handled knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles, instead the Bushmans blade and handles are cold forged out of a single piece of...

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  • Delta Dart

    Delta Dart

    The Delta Darts ergonomic handle is knurled for a secure grip, while the butt is rounded for both thumb and palm reinforced positions. Its triangular cross section gives it phenomenal piercing power. An optional neck sheath is also available.Weight: 1oz...

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  • Medieval Buckler

    Medieval Buckler

    The Buckler is a small historically inspired shield about the size of a large dinner plate. Cold Steels sturdy training replica has a thick, raised boss to protect the hand, and a rugged handle that will withstand plenty hard of use. Hugely popular with...

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  • Frontier Hawk

    Frontier Hawk

    Suitable for re-enactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War clear up to the final settling of the West in the late 1800's, our Frontier Hawk is a joy to use! It's as light as some camp hatchets, but its design allows for a vast...

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